I would definitely recommend St Raphael Preschool! We toured there, Trinity, and the JCC. I liked all three but St Raphael is walking distance from my house and more importantly was exactly what I was looking for which was a more academic tilt to preschool. My son has been there for two years and is more than ready for kindergarten thanks to the guidance of his teachers. He has been very happy there and made really good friends. The teachers are great and they have handled covid precautions very well. We look forward to sending our daughter there as well in a couple of years.

-Leah H.

I can't say enough about this preschool.
My son Oliver is having a great time learning . And preparing him for kindergarten.
The teachers and director greet you I n the morning with the biggest smile And at pick say goodbye to you in the evening telling you what a great day your son has had or if his had issues and there all was there to help you .
The after care Staff and teachers are so pleasant and I love that they get out side play time .
Oliver asks every day can I go to school today .
Oliver is my third child

-Emma N.

After two years of our son attending St. Raphael's Preschool, we have been delighted with his teacher's, staff and the caring, wholesome environment the community has provided!  We have made many great friends and our kiddo is excited to attend every day of school.  If you are on the fence of choosing a great learning experience, you will not go wrong applying for this school, if you are looking for an inclusive and nourishing start to your child's foundation!

-Steve B.

We moved to San Rafael a year ago and were lucky enough to find St. Raphael's for our younger son (4yo).  We couldn't be happier!  The teachers and director are wonderful.  They are patient, kind and supportive.  Our son looks forward to school every day and we know that he is with people that genuinely care about him.  My husband and I are both teachers, and so can be critical of schools.  St. Raphael's is a place that both nurtures and prepares kids for kindergarten.  We have been impressed with our son's growth this year - especially in terms of letters and sounding out words. So cool to watch their little minds work!  Thank you St. Raphael's!

-Dominique U.

We love this little preschool. I have 3 girls that have been through the program and they have been very well prepared for kindergarten. The teachers are very patient, loving and knowledgeable. I love the option of the big gym as a play area for rainy days. The kids still get to run around, which a lot of schools don't have big indoor spaces like St Raphael.

-Angela H.

My husband and I love this preschool for our 3 year old. The school is under new leadership this year and it is like a breath of fresh air has blown through the hallways. The school has an incredible energy, wonderful teachers and lovely children and families. There are lots of events for the kids. Our daughter comes home from school loving her time there, singing songs, talking about other students and her teachers. There is a religious aspect to the school -- I only say this in case this is something you are not interested in.

As other reviewers said it has MUCH more diversity than other schools in Marin and is reasonably priced.

-Alexis G.

My experience with this preschool has been nothing short of fabulous. My daughter missed the cut-off date for T-K and I needed to find a school to challenge her for her last year of pre-school. This was the place to go. The teachers have been wonderful, are filled with energy, and challenge her each day. My daughter feels safe and loved here, and is definitely ready for kindergarten thanks to St. Raphael Preschool.

Lisa N.

Saint Raphael's Preschool provides a warm and loving environment. We are so happy to have our daughter be part of this special community. The families are welcoming and everyone greets you with a smile!

Kim A.

This will be our sons second year at Saint Raphael Preschool. Everyday we are grateful to have chosen it. It has been amazing for him and us! The teachers and director are fantastic, always so caring and welcoming. It truly is a special place where we have watched our son come out of his shy shell and blossom into a fun loving kid! Even when we moved out of San Rafael in the middle of the school year, it never crossed our mind to change schools. The commute was worth it, to see how happy our son is when he arrives and sees his friends and teachers. We will really miss this school and all the people next year, as he will be moving onto Kinder. I couldn't recommend it enough!

-Claudia G.

We love saint Raphael Preschool, amazing teachers, kind, patient, excellent program, we will miss, Mrs Damato, she's has been amazing teacher and friend to my 5yr old.

"A  great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart."

-Roxana M.

We love this pre-school, it was a pure luck that we discovered it, and could not be happier that we did. Our daughter is finishing the second year. The new director and teachers are really incredible. They are loving and caring, make kids feel so welcome and cared for. They are hands-on with communication and have fun activities for whole families, so you can really feel the sense of community.
The program is wonderful, they really put their energy and time to come up with new things to learn, games, fun activities, as well as etiquette and social skills. They do so much in such a fun way that our daughter loves the pre- school. We can see how those two years make her grown into a beautiful, thoughtful, and confident girl which will made transition to kindergarten so easy. Highly recommended, we wish more schools had their approach.

-Anna M.

My daughter loves her school. We love the new leadership and how involved they are, the teachers are so nurturing and always watching over our little ones. They make learning fun and entertaining and they teach them responsibility and great social skills. The school events gets the parents involved that way we can all keep in touch, and it has a great diversity.
My son every time we drop off his sister is so ready to start, and we know he will be very well taken care off.
We couldn't be happier with this preschool.

-Veronica V.

Both my girls attended Saint Raphael Preschool since they were 2 1/2 years old. We have had an amazing experience and feel like we made a great decision for our kids. The teachers are very caring and accommodating to each child's individual needs. My girls rave about how amazing this school is until this day. Bianca started Kindergarten and still talks about her old Preschool and how much she misses it. We love this school!!!

-Ninette A.

I love this school!!!  The teachers genuinely care about each & every student.  My sons LOVED his teacher (Mrs. Damato) and was greeted every morning with a smile and a hug.  The school works hard to make the learning environment interesting, engaging, fun and safe for all the children who attend.

-Michelle D.

After eight months I can confidently say my daughter is thriving at Saint Raphael's!

The environment is very creative, fun, active, and filled with encouragement for the kids. This isn't a "play school" however, the classrooms are well structured/managed and the teachers are developing appropriate skills with the children.

For parents, expect plenty of communication, extended care schedules that work, and a great value.

Some have called this school the "hidden gem of Marin," and I highly recommend a visit.

-Matthew L.